A combined experience of over 50 years. Let us help you succeed.

From Bookkeeper, Staff Accountant, Finance & Benefits Administrator to Director of Finance, with experience serving organizations with $1M to $20M in annual revenue. Whether you are a startup or an established entity, we can fill or support positions from clerical staff to CFO and anywhere in between.

Accounting Support for Your Business in Vermont, Chittenden, Williston, Burlington
ipCapital Finance Group Payroll and Other Services in Vermont, Chittenden, Williston, Burlington

Customized, accurate, timely financial & accounting support. Letting you focus on running your business.

We provide your executive team with the reporting and support you need to help leaders, teams, and organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to reach your potential to perform and grow. From bookkeeping to full GAAP accounting including payroll and benefits, billing and collecting, payable processing, financial reporting, budgeting and weekly performance monitoring.

Accounting in Vermont, Chittenden, Williston, Burlington

Accounting and Financial Reporting.

  • Financial record keeping system using Peachtree or Quickbooks
  • Maintaining general ledger in accordance with GAAP
  • Preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements
  • Forecasting and budgeting
  • Establishing and maintaining GAAP compliant internal controls
  • Cash management and projecting
  • Invoicing and collecting fees for services performed
  • Managing Accounts Payable
  • Overseeing financial audits
  • Provide support and information for external tax preparation
  • Establishing and maintaining compliance with business domiciles and licenses with the Secretary of State’s office
Human Resources (HR) in Vermont, Chittenden, Williston, Burlington

Human Resources (HR) support.

  • Process payroll through third party payroll systems
  • Multi-State and Federal compliance for healthcare including ACA reporting
  • Health Saving Accounts, Flex Spending, Dependent Care and Cobra administration
  • Medical and Ancillary Benefits processing
  • Drafting employment agreements
  • Maintaining human resource records for employment and evaluation
  • Set up and maintain workers compensation and business insurance
  • 401K plan set up and administration
Financial Back Office Support in Vermont, Chittenden, Williston, Burlington

Forecast of financial performance.

  • Summarize the month and provide direction on key variances.
  • Identifies and analyzes the key points of difference with the forecast and plan for this month.
  • Provides a forecast of future periods and an analysis of its implications.
  • Can be used to develop and present a Management Discussion and Assessment to share with the management team and the Board of Directors

Customer Experiences

"As CEO of Article One Partners, LLC, I had the pleasure of working with Chris Lewis and his team at IP Capital Group for the past three years. Chris’ team were effectively our entire back office finance and human resource support team, handling all aspects of both…

In every instance, their team was more of a Partner than a Vendor. We could not have had a more concerned or dedicated team if we employed them directly. They showed genuine concern for our business and our employees and had a 1:1 relationship with each employee in order to provide the best service.

We considered Chris to be a part of our management team and thus he participated in our weekly staff calls as a regular member of the team. Everything that their team provided was done in a turnkey fashion…

Transitioning to Chris’ team from a prior provider was smooth and seamless. Similarly, when we were acquired, and we had to transition to the new owner, Chris’ team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition…Their conscientiousness and integrity cannot be matched.

I highly recommend Chris’ team and would hire them in a heartbeat with tremendous confidence for any new endeavor, should I ever be in that situation."

Peter J Vanderheyden
Article One Partners


"It was clear from the first meeting that they had the competency and ability to manage the dynamic needs of our growing social enterprise…

The Community Sailing Center has been working with IP Capital Group for nearly a year. In that time, they have uncovered and fixed errors that go back nearly two years and streamlined a number of our processes.  Working with IP Capital Group has enabled me to have financial reports for our finance committee that are on time and completely accurate every month.  Our board of directors remarked in a recent meeting that the improvement of our financial reports has been amazing. I was quick to point out that IP Capital Group deserved all the credit.

I strongly recommend IP Capital Group's portfolio of back office services for any organization and am happy to discuss our experience in greater detail."

Owen Milne
Executive Director
Community Sailing Center